Like I promised a short store review. AIAIAI isn’t so far from the town hall in Kopenhagen so its not that far from the central station either. I think I walked 8 min from the central station. For somebody who knows Kopenhagen knows that this is less the reaching the “main” shopping street (Strøget). If you have maps on your smartphone it should be no problem! It’s a smaller shop in the front and the headquarter in the back so you buy directly from them which is a very good thing! Really nice staff to help you find the perfect product for you. You can test the headphones with your device but they also have some turntables and vinyl to test anything you want. They have a huge rack in the back with all current headphones from AIAIAI and also a lot of collabos like the Fools Gold AIAIAI collab, Teenage Engineering AIAIAI collab or the latest Carhatt AIAIAIA collab. But you can also get some music producing stuff like the Teenage Engineering OP-1or the Native Instruments Maschine. I copped the AIAIAI Tube in black. So far these are the best headphones I ever had! For this price? No brainer! If you are in Kopenhagen check it out!