Goodtimes Tattoo Kopenhagen

As you may remember, when I’m visiting a city and I find something interesting, like a store, I will post it.
So this time a tattoo shop!
If there is the possibility that you want to get a tattoo in Kopenhagen, then I really really can recommend this one. Goodtimes tattoo is tattoo studio not far from the central station in a really nice neighborhood! Mikkel the guy in the picture really is a born artist and loves his passion. This dude can seriously draw what you have in your head! But better!

Goodtimes Tattoo
Gammel Kongeveij 39 H
1610 København

Visit their Facebook page ->> GOODTIMES TATTOO

Kopenhagen Diary 2013 Day 5

Last day. Which is really sad. This city is just awesome. You can walk for hours and always see new stuff. Been around Kopenhagen the whole day. Also Christiania the little free state in Kopenhagen. The place where you can get „everything“. No photos thou! Enjoy this last set of pictures. Tomorrow I will be back in good ol Germany. Thank you for the support!

Kopenhagen Diary 2013 Day 3

Early morning. Some nice Coffee in Kopenhagen. And a nice little train trip to Sweden afterwards. Malmö was really beautiful. Its kinda different then Kopenhagen. But also hard to explain. But both has a few similarities. For example? Well dressed people! Really. Nice outfits everywhere. Don’t matter which age. We just sat on a bench for an hour and just watched people walk by. Haha.


This one is for you Mayer!

Sis and me

Kopenhagen Diary 2013 Day 2

Shopping day! Phew, we walked a lot. And I mean a lot. And again, this is one of the best cities in the world. So beautiful and full of nice people. Been to Wood Wood, Acne, Han Kopenhavn, Storm, Norse Project etc. etc. Really nice. Copped a lot for friends and family. And some stuff for me, obviously.
I think we will go to Sweden tomorrow. Lets see. Enjoy the pictures!

This was unreal! So good!

Had to get two!

Bicycles everywhere!

Some of the haul!