AIAIAI Studio A in Kopenhagen

Like I promised a short store review. AIAIAI isn’t so far from the town hall in Kopenhagen so its not that far from the central station either. I think I walked 8 min from the central station. For somebody who knows Kopenhagen knows that this is less the reaching the „main“ shopping street (Strøget). If you have maps on your smartphone it should be no problem! It’s a smaller shop in the front and the headquarter in the back so you buy directly from them which is a very good thing! Really nice staff to help you find the perfect product for you. You can test the headphones with your device but they also have some turntables and vinyl to test anything you want. They have a huge rack in the back with all current headphones from AIAIAI and also a lot of collabos like the Fools Gold AIAIAI collab, Teenage Engineering AIAIAI collab or the latest Carhatt AIAIAIA collab. But you can also get some music producing stuff like the Teenage Engineering OP-1or the Native Instruments Maschine. I copped the AIAIAI Tube in black. So far these are the best headphones I ever had! For this price? No brainer! If you are in Kopenhagen check it out!

Han Kjobenhavn flaghsip store

As I told in the preview post I bought a Han Kjøbenhavn Raw Denim jeans. Also talked with the staff. Really nice guys! I first recognized the brand when I was in munich because Harvest carrys Han Kjøbenahavn. Also Soto in Berlin an a few other shops in Germany I think. Really clean design and top notch quality! Also known for their sunglasses Han Kjøbenhavn is making their way to the top of Street Wear labels. Word on the street is that they open their new flagship store in New York! Check them out.


Soda Munich review

From time to time I get some e-mails regarding the magazines I post. And a lot of them ask where I buy them. So here is the answer:

I buy some magazines online or I even get some magazines in local stores. But most of my magazines are from Soda.
Soda is a magazine/book store in the middle of Munich (Glockenbachviertel). Think of any magazine you want… Soda has it. The number of magazines they offer is incredible and they are always up to date, so you can be sure to grab the latest issue of anything you want there. Oyster Magazine, Dapper Dan, L’Officiel Hommes, Dazed&Confused, The Gentlewoman, Voque (all languages) or Sneaker Freaker to name a few, Soda has them and also for a reasonable price regarding that some magazines come from Japan etc. Every time I’m in Munich I visit Soda, and I always walk out with a bunch of magazines and some books. Oh books! They also carry books. From Art, Font or Photography books you have a large variety of different books. What store do you know that has some KAWS books laying around or over 15 different logo books for inspirational purpose?
Its easy to stroll around this awesome store for more then a hour. The service is always superb, because the staff love what they do and they have a huge knowledge to help you with any kind of question about magazines and books. Always some nice tunes coming out of the Bose sound-system but not too loud thou!
I think this is the only store in the world where you can forget about your daily struggle and dive into a world of nice print magazines about stuff you love. Every time the shop assistant is handing out my shopping bag I close the door behind me, knowing it wont take long that I’ll come back.
Visit them:
soda. Internationale Magazine und Bücher
Rumfordstraße 3 .  80469 München
Telefon 0049. 89. 20 24 53 53 
Telefax 0049. 89. 20 24 53 56
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 10am -19pm
Saturday              10am-18pm