The last day. Walked in Hœlbæk for some hours. Just beautiful! Really. But then… dramatic sceneries! When I wanted to put on the lens cap it popped out my hand and directly… into the water next to the pier I was taking some photos. I said, well it’s just 4 €. But then I saw this yellow tube and tried to get it out. It was 1,70m down to the water and the cap was another 1,80m from me away. Dang it! But I managed to slip the tube under the cap and with a quick hand movement the cap was catapulted into the air. I caught it in mid air and was amazed that it worked so well, haha. I’m sorry but this was the most exciting story today! Alright alright I shut it now. Enjoy the pictures.

Omg zomg omfg lol rofl wtf… WHY?