Kopenhagen Diary 2013 Day 5

Last day. Which is really sad. This city is just awesome. You can walk for hours and always see new stuff. Been around Kopenhagen the whole day. Also Christiania the little free state in Kopenhagen. The place where you can get „everything“. No photos thou! Enjoy this last set of pictures. Tomorrow I will be back in good ol Germany. Thank you for the support!

Kopenhagen Diary #day5

The last day. Walked in Hœlbæk for some hours. Just beautiful! Really. But then… dramatic sceneries! When I wanted to put on the lens cap it popped out my hand and directly… into the water next to the pier I was taking some photos. I said, well it’s just 4 €. But then I saw this yellow tube and tried to get it out. It was 1,70m down to the water and the cap was another 1,80m from me away. Dang it! But I managed to slip the tube under the cap and with a quick hand movement the cap was catapulted into the air. I caught it in mid air and was amazed that it worked so well, haha. I’m sorry but this was the most exciting story today! Alright alright I shut it now. Enjoy the pictures.

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