On thursday I got a pretty nice message. “Hey Tobi, wanna fly with me over lunch?”. Yes you heard it right, fly. My friend Frank is a hobby pilot. And I wanted to fly with a smaller machine my whole life. So on 11:30 I drove to the little airport 3 km away. He already waited there for me. We checked the machine.  Got a little briefing. And we took off. Awesome experience. Because he asked me where we should go. We went to Freiburg, Basel, Waldshut, Konstanz, Friedrichshafen and back. So awesome. Thanks again Frank. Now enjoy the pictures.


fwfly000 fwfly002 fwfly004 fwfly005 fwfly006 fwfly007 fwfly010 fwfly013 fwfly016 fwfly018 fwfly019 fwfly023 fwfly024 fwfly026 fwfly029 fwfly032 fwfly033 fwfly034  fwfly041 fwfly043 fwfly045 fwfly046 fwfly047 fwfly049 fwfly050 fwfly051 fwfly052 fwfly053 fwfly054 fwfly055 fwfly057 fwfly058 fwfly059 fwfly061 fwfly062 fwfly064 fwfly066 fwfly068 fwfly069 fwfly072 fwfly073 fwfly074 fwfly080 fwfly082 fwfly088 fwfly094 fwfly097 fwfly099 fwfly100 fwfly102