When I do these Travel-Diaries I go trough all the pictures I took on that day and edit some of them, save them in low res and post them on here. When I get back from my trip I go trough all of them again and take out the best (imho) to save them in high res. And with the London thing…I did that last week. And I want to share this one with you:

I still remember the situation. We were walking next to the Big Ben (its also on the picture, top right corner). A lot of people! I had my camera near my hip facing the sky. Then we walked past this gentleman. It was a lawyer. And he was talking to a client on the phone. Really loud and really angry as if the people around him weren’t there. With not thinking I pressed the shutter. Once. In deep hope that the focus is on his face. After 20m walking I took the cam. Pressed the play button. And there it was. My favorite shot from the whole London trip.