So today we stood up early. Went the figuretas harbor. Another 40 min boat cruise. And….Formentera (Its the smaller island next to ibiza)! It’s really true, it’s really different compared to Ibiza. We rented a motor scooter. It was the first time for me. But I think I drove like a boss! Haha! We’ve been like everywhere. Drove over 100km today. Checked out a few cliffs, beaches and small citys. It was really worth it. We’ve seen people with bicycles like nearly collapsing. I’ve made a lot of pictures. Here are some….I still have to add the ‘read more’ feature to the blog.

Tomorrow? Like I said, Paella at Paco’s place! Stay tuned.

Life is good.

Happy dude aka me!

No zoom! They aren’t shy anymore!

Dont let this picture fool you, my skin is way more brown now!

Shitz was high!

‘Yo, where the 40’s at?’