Ibiza Diary 2012 / Day14 The End

Last night. I’m kinda sad that we are leaving but also kinda happy because I’m gonna see family and friends again (And work haha).

Ibiza was a blast. I had a really good time and Julian too.

I really want to say thank you to the people that check my blog and followed my Ibiza Diary. You maybe wanna go to Ibiza now to. You should!


Ibiza Diary 2012 / Day12

So like I promised. The paella blog post. We went to Paco’s place. He had some nice tapas prepared. Made the best Paella I ever had. Ate to much. Drank a little and had a good time. Thats Ibiza. Really nice day. Enjoy the pictures!

Ibiza Diary 2012 / Day11

So today we stood up early. Went the figuretas harbor. Another 40 min boat cruise. And….Formentera (Its the smaller island next to ibiza)! It’s really true, it’s really different compared to Ibiza. We rented a motor scooter. It was the first time for me. But I think I drove like a boss! Haha! We’ve been like everywhere. Drove over 100km today. Checked out a few cliffs, beaches and small citys. It was really worth it. We’ve seen people with bicycles like nearly collapsing. I’ve made a lot of pictures. Here are some….I still have to add the ‘read more’ feature to the blog.

Tomorrow? Like I said, Paella at Paco’s place! Stay tuned.

Life is good.

Happy dude aka me!

No zoom! They aren’t shy anymore!

Dont let this picture fool you, my skin is way more brown now!

Shitz was high!

‘Yo, where the 40’s at?’

Ibiza Diary 2012 / Day9

Another firework yesterday night, haha its like a usually thing here. Aaaaand another beach day. But with a surprise!!! We heard some loud music, and I saw some people in the sea with like little boats. I walked there and it was fu***** Richie Hawtin with an iPad in his hand. Having a free beach party in the water. I was really stoked. Grabbed my camera and made a few shots! People went totally crazy. Had to watch my camera, haha. Dude was really chilled! And we Fagner and the Mojito guys were also there. The strawberry Mojito is my favorite so far.

The man himself also enjoyed the party!

My trusty dry-bag.

The beach combo.