Not much today. But had the camera with me yesterday night. When we go to Eivissa we always visit the vintage store from Vincento and to meet with our friend Christophe. Its always a chilled combo. We can easily stroll through the shop for hours. I think he has everything. It’s also very famous. A lot of famous designer and models come to the store to get inspiration. Vincento buys from all over the world. So much vintage designer wear from the 80s or 90s! Here some flicks from the store.

Tomorrow we will got to Formentera. Its the small island next to ibiza. A lot of people recommended this to us, we will see. Hopefully I will take some awesome pictures!

Remember the paella party from 2 years ago? Yes, you do! And on sunday we will be at Paco’s place again! Really looking forward to this.