What happens in my brain?

Had this idea for a while now. Finally finished it. There is a sketch somewhere. But I didn’t found it so here is just the little step by step. I just shot a normal pic of me with a white background. Printed it on DIN A3. Ripped it of. Took a photo of it on a cutting mat. Edited it in PS. Took a photo of me drinking coffee. Edited it in. Done. I really like it!


Not much today. Met Marcel for some dinner minutes ago. Rockin‘ those concords. Yeah I’m jealous, so what? haha! Went to the american sports bar for some ribs and buffalo chicken wings. Always nice!

After x-mas

Hope all of you had a great christmas and spend the days with the family if possible. Well I did, and I even got some things I really wished for a long time. Like a nice coffee mug and the Hennessy x KAWS collab. Super nice! And I wanted something for my desk where I can put my pencils and stuff. So I made something myself. Like it really much!