I have this laying around for some while. But I thought it would be worth posting.

This is the very first time I bought an album twice! First on iTunes the night it was released. And immediately when the deluxe edition was available. Why? Maybe because I already have Goblin in the deluxe edition but more because this is exactly what I want to hear right now. I don’t want to write a review here. But this is just great. Also that the deluxe edition cover was painted by one of my favorite  artists right now, Mark Ryden. The deluxe edition contains a patch, a wolf sticker, the little booklet with the lyrics, a calendar with all birthdays of the odd future gang and many more you may recognize, the cover a as a square poster by Mark Ryden and the CD of course. Wolf Haley, Sam, Tyler or whatever you call him did a great job on this.