Travel Diary Dublin Day 4

Sorry for the delay! We had some major troubles flying back to Germany because of the storm that hit Europe yesterday. Had to stay one more day in Frankfurt. Etc etc. Boring sh**. So here we go with yesterday pictures! This time some more city stuff. Since we left for the airport around 15pm.
Thank you Dublin for having us. Thanks to all the great people we met. Great city, great people and great beer. What else? Cheers to Julian for always „I have to get this shot!“ waiting and the great company.

Thanks you all for the great words, comments, emails and whatnot. Thats why I keep doing these. Stay tuned for the next Travel Diary. Destination you may ask? I have no idea, we’ll see!


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Travel Diary Dublin Day 3

This one comes a bit quicker. Had time to edit these, since we probably watch the Super Bowl game now. Dublin/Ireland had a big game day today too. The Rugby match Ireland vs. Wales took place in Dublin today (Draw: Ireland:16 Wales:16). City was crazy packed. So we decided to visit the Guinness Brewery and the Jameson Old Distillery. If you ever visit Dublin I highly recommend those two tours. I really like Jameson for a long time now and always wanted to see the old Distillery. Side note: I also bought too much in the gift shop. But thats a different story. Also read this with an irish accent, thanks mate.


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