Scotland 2018 Travel Diary (Afterwards) 4

And here comes day 4!

Since we hadn’t any plans or bookings while on the road. It sometimes got quite complicated to find something later in the day since we wanted to see a lot of stuff and tried to get an B&B or AirBNB after 7 o’clock. John o’ Groats is the last village in the very north of Scotland. Lovely little village. But since there were two weddings on this day, everyyyything was booked.

Luckily after an hour of searching we found Sheila and Johns home. They gave us the room of their grandchildren. Incredibly nice and welcoming. If you ever visit the north of Scotland. Make sure to book a few nights. Better be early! Sheila is normally booked out until later in the year. We were incredibly lucky!

Went up early again to see the cliffs of Dunnet afterwards we took the ferry to Orkney Islands. No trees. Neolithic standing stones. Incredible landscapes. And a tent for two days.

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Late Travel Diary Berlin Day 3

Aaaaaand the last one! Some really nice shots again. And just really chilled shooting through the day. A lot of “undercover” stuff again like I always do. Went to the best Kebap in Wedding and again a lot of walking. Met with Lukas before we went to Tegel for our flight back. Thanks again for checking out the travel diary!

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