Do you remember when I was flying to Ibiza last Summer? Sure you do! Don’t lie!

Well at the Basel Airport I bought an imported issue of the Dazed&Confused magazine for approx. 17€. I packed the issue in my hand-luggage and when the plane took of I browsed the whole issue. When arrived at the end…I was surprised! It was an advertisement. But not a normal one. It was a twine attached to the magazine with some tape. And some sort of colors with numbers but just with a twine. Like one of you childhood games!

But! There was no name, no domain and not anything but “Flyknit” written on the ad. Since I knew what “Flyknit” was, I knew the ad was from Nike. But I was impressed that they did it like this and it kept my interest. So I followed the Flyknit all along.

And now? It was time, the white/black cw is still the best imho. The neon green is cool too, but nothing for everyday. Copped them directly via 3 Days later they arrived. And as expected they are awesome. Just took me 5 Months to buy them. Oh well…