Nike Mayfly QS

I have seen these around quite a time. First at Eiknarf I think. Thought I might can try them in Kopenhagen, but unfortunately they were sold out everywhere.
But 2 days ago I saw on Hypedeals that Soto Berlin has a discount on all Nike shoes. So I checked the site. Still my size on the navy Mayfly’s, pulled the trigger for a great price! Nice!
Really comfy shoe. And just something different, I think!

Nike Roshe Run & Nike Air Max 180 OG

As I already told you, I was in Stuttgart. Stuttgart without pickups? Impossible! I initially was on the hunt for some denim or at leas a chino. Found some Acne stuff which was on sale but obviously not in my size. Im too tall. Thats what my 22 years of lifetime thought me. Oh well.

Got some sneakers instead. Can’t complain, haha! Wanted some Roshe Run’s for quite a while now. SneakerB0B posted a nice review some while back. And I just heard good things about the Roshe. And I’m really happy. Great feel and simple CW. I went a size down, because the US11 felt a little bit big. Don’t know the last time I bought a US10, ha! Got them from Suppa by the way!

I also went to Foot Locker. The last few years I`ve been disappointed. But in Cologne I got the Jordan I`s in my size. And now? Air Max 180 vntg. For under 100$. Size 11 was available so I had to pull the trigger. Wanted this for so long. Its not everyones cup. But still one of my favorite shoes. Maybe my grails, who knows right? I’m happy!

Nike Flyknit Trainer

Do you remember when I was flying to Ibiza last Summer? Sure you do! Don’t lie!

Well at the Basel Airport I bought an imported issue of the Dazed&Confused magazine for approx. 17€. I packed the issue in my hand-luggage and when the plane took of I browsed the whole issue. When arrived at the end…I was surprised! It was an advertisement. But not a normal one. It was a twine attached to the magazine with some tape. And some sort of colors with numbers but just with a twine. Like one of you childhood games!

But! There was no name, no domain and not anything but “Flyknit” written on the ad. Since I knew what “Flyknit” was, I knew the ad was from Nike. But I was impressed that they did it like this and it kept my interest. So I followed the Flyknit all along.

And now? It was time, the white/black cw is still the best imho. The neon green is cool too, but nothing for everyday. Copped them directly via 3 Days later they arrived. And as expected they are awesome. Just took me 5 Months to buy them. Oh well…