Huge delay on this one. Sorry! Went to the city again and the Portobello Market. And right after that went home to get prepared for the release party of Brodinski’s new album Brava @XOYO London. Virgil Abloh, Guillaume Berg and Brodinski teared down the club. Walked out like 3am. Got one hour of sleep and hopped on the plane. Just slept when we landed haha. So here is Day5! And I hopefully get some nice pictures from my disposable camera which I took to the club! So enjoy these ones for now! Thanks to everybody checking my London Travel Diary!

London193 London194 London195 London196 London197 London198 London199 London200 London201 London213 London202 London203 London204 London205 London206 London207 London208 London209 London210 London211 London212  London214 London215 London216 London217 London218 London219 London220 London221 London222 London223 London224 London225 London226 London227 London228