We went to Space yesterday, we got 5€ off because we got these removable tattoos at the beach(they always walk around and try to invite you to their club) . Its one of the most famous clubs in Ibiza. It was ok, it wasn’t the Line up for me. Richie Hawtin always have these 1 hour long intros with just a few sounds. I don’t dig that. But club itself etc. was ok. Drinks are expensive. Never forget that! I paid 18 € for Vodka Lemon. Grey Goose thou. Today was beach time again. Over 32 °C today. Phew! And we met Fagner again! It’s just so dope that people stay connected. He was in Sweden for a long time now. Everybody traveled 1000 of km and now we met each other at the beach! And he still has his cocktail game on! So nice!