So where do I start? Been really really lucky to be with the De La Roca Deejays, Marcel and Andre. They take me everywhere and give me these great opportunities. And I’m really thankful! This time? Drake! You heard it right. They deejayed before the show in Oberhause. And I was able to take photos where ever I wanted. Still stoked. Video is in the making! Enjoy some flicks. Reald deal will be on as always!


drake14-153 drake14-143

drake14-140 drake14-134 drake14-127 drake14-115 drake14-111 drake14-110 drake14-109 drake14-107 drake14-105 drake14-100 drake14-093 drake14-092 drake14-089 drake14-074 drake14-072 drake14-070 drake14-067 drake14-060 drake14-046 drake14-038 drake14-034 drake14-034_2 drake14-034_1