Vinyl and shoes

Finally! Huge delay on this. I know. Back at the vinyl fairy I got some pretty nice stuff. Some Gill Scott Heron, George Duke, two Jazz compilations, Stones, OST Boyz n the hood, OST Do the right thing and Jay-z’s Blue Magic brand spanking new with blue vinyl. Very happy with that!

I also came across these New Balance 574 for 30€. No brainer!

I had a ice hockey shooting some minutes ago. More on that on the next blog post!

Kopenhagen Diary #day6

Yeah yeah, I know I’m late. But I was too tired yesterday! When we drove to Kopenhagen central station, we had some time left and I decided I walk into the city right quick. I’ve seen this Brooklyn Nets Snapback some days ago and some vintage Rolling Stones shirt in some random second hand store. Shirt was sold but the snapback was still there. Copped it right away and walked back to the central station. When I walked past Tivoli a Bentley was stopping next to me. Some bodyguards opened the door and who was it? The Queen of Denmark Margrethe. Had my camera in the bag and she walked really fast into a building but I got a shot of dat Bentley! (Dig the license plate!).

So after that we went to the airport. Really nice flight with some nice sky colors. Drove back from Basel to Villingen and I was really tired after that!

Kopenhagen was a blast, I hope to come back next year!

The still had some kaws x hennessy left. No futura thou!