A5 and KFC

So yesterday my buddy called me. He wanted KFC, and I wanted KFC. And he got his new car. So we drove to Sindelfingen to get some KFC. Sounds about right, right? Yes. Grabbed my Fujifilm X10 and we just drove up their for some nice cole slaw and some chicken.

Ibiza Diary 2012 / Day14 The End

Last night. I’m kinda sad that we are leaving but also kinda happy because I’m gonna see family and friends again (And work haha).

Ibiza was a blast. I had a really good time and Julian too.

I really want to say thank you to the people that check my blog and followed my Ibiza Diary. You maybe wanna go to Ibiza now to. You should!


Ibiza Diary 2012 / Day 3

We went to Space yesterday, we got 5€ off because we got these removable tattoos at the beach(they always walk around and try to invite you to their club) . Its one of the most famous clubs in Ibiza. It was ok, it wasn’t the Line up for me. Richie Hawtin always have these 1 hour long intros with just a few sounds. I don’t dig that. But club itself etc. was ok. Drinks are expensive. Never forget that! I paid 18 € for Vodka Lemon. Grey Goose thou. Today was beach time again. Over 32 °C today. Phew! And we met Fagner again! It’s just so dope that people stay connected. He was in Sweden for a long time now. Everybody traveled 1000 of km and now we met each other at the beach! And he still has his cocktail game on! So nice!

Cool Club

So after the contest everybody headed to the aftershow party. Well it was a party which happened to be at the same time as we wanted to have a aftershow party, hehe. Cool club is an old black forrest farmer house. Its completely empty. But filled with sofas and a lot of poster/stickers etc. on the wall. This weekend , was a little festival outside. With a pool and stage. It’s hard to describe the cool club, maybe the name itself does the job pretty well. But you should go to a party there once in your life, I guess. Your favorite band, favorite band played. Interpet_N! Nice set guys!