Scotland 2018 Travel Diary (Afterwards) Day 14

Last Day! I think this was the biggest Travel Diary I ever did. Over 4000 pictures to go through. I haven’t started the video jet. But there is still more to come!

Went to the city again and visited both National Gallery’s. Edinburgh is beautiful!

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Berlin Day 1+2

This time I will make a short trip diary. This has two reasons. First I have no internet access in the apartment. Second I kinda decided to throw photoshop off my macbook. And I forgot it. So now its kinda hard to edit some previews. Oh well. Enjoy these first peaks. I hope to be update tomorrow!

There will be a shop review of this one when I’m back!





Like I said. I sold my Nikon. And I bought a Canon. For some people its not that bigger deal. For some others it is.
My first SLR Camera was a Nikon F3, analog. I still have it, and maybe its the best camera I ever owned. Since the F3 I was a Nikon boy. And I’m still are! But right now a Canon 6D made more sense. Full frame for a good price. And I can use the lenses from my job which is really awesome!

But I’m sure I will go back to Nikon when the time is right. Would the Nikon Df be a little more cheaper, probably tomorrow!