Marrakech to Portugal Travel Diary day 8+9

Sorry for the huge delay!! Wanted to enjoy the last two days as much as possible. Also just went to the beach. So here is a combined post!
Really enjoyed ourselves for the last days. Beach. A little driving here and there. And some awesome Bacalhao (Potatoes with fish and onions)!!

Thank you Marrakech! Thank you Portugal! AND THANK YOU! Thanks for another great Travel Diary. See you on the next journey.


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Marrakech to Portugal Travel Diary day 4

Last day in Marrakech. Kinda sad. Kinda exciting since we are heading to Portugal right now.
Relaxed a lot and went a last time to the little souks to get some souvenirs. Ate at Nomad for lunch. Incredible. Highly highly recommended!
Ended the night with some cold lemonade and said goodbye to Mo. If you’re reading this! Thank you for everything! Good times.

Sitting at the airport rn. Waiting for boarding. See you in Portugal.


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Marrakech to Portugal Travel Diary day 3

We really don have a schedule here. Marrakech is also nice to just relax. Thats why we are here too. So we didn’t walked as much as normally. Slept a little late and went to the city.
Met with Mo afterwards and seen a Bellydancer show. Obviously cameras weren’t allowed there. Mi scusi.

Head out now to see a art museum. Tomorrow morning we will fly to Porto. So the day 4 post has to be delayed probably. We will see.


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Hamburg Travel Diary (All days)

Spent the weekend in Hamburg with my sister. Last time I was in Hamburg was like 10 years ago. Crazy how this city moved. Since my trip was more work related I hadn’t too much time to take some photos. So here are the best ones I took in three days. Just walked a ton after work to see as much Hamburg as possible! Enjoy!


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