So Day 3 deserves a post itself. Incredible what we did in just one day. From eating good, to visiting  3 shows. Some of the best shots from this year, are in this one! I just love Paris!
There are some famous peeps in there which I couldn’t find the name or didn’t know them. If you do, message me!

@Krit Amnuaydechkorn


@Paris Hilton

@Lukas Sabbat


@Omar Ayuso

@Oliver Zahm

Off to the Ottolinger show

@Ami and Aya


@Camelia Farhoodi

@Gina Alice

@Clermont Twins



@Elodie Russel

@Jordyn Woods

@Cedric Grolet

At the Valentino Show

Kris Jenner arrives

@Caro Daur


Thank you Paris!