Like I told you yesterday I got a package. And in there was this sweatshirt which looks like a thick pullover. Genius right? Kinda, but I liked this item the most from the whole collection so far. I’m a huge seeker for Martin Margiela for years now. Due to the influence of my sister and a lot of visits in the Martin Margiela flagship store in munich. I really like the ideas and doing something “different”. The website had so much traffic on thursday that it shut down for a while. I immediately bought it, thinking that it would be sold out really fast. But there are still some left today. Go get yours. All redesigns, all items were already out so another chance to get some iconic items. The sweatshirt is from autumn-winter 2004-2005. And I would defiantly say that it comes in much better quality then the normal h&m stuff. Lets see after the first wash, haha.