I think its time again to do a post like this!

My interest for raw denim started quite some while ago. I think with a pair of LRG or Marc Ecko raw denim pants with a baggy cut. Awful…today.
Since I became that tall, it was hard for me to get raw denims that will look good and fit good. When I was in Copenhagen 2012 I bought these Han Kopenhagen raw denims.
And as you can see I wore them a lot. And now they are getting better every time I wear them. But its was time to get a 2nd pair. So when I was in Berlin last year I bought these APC petit standards. Long leg and good fit. Thats how I like them. Now start the aging process with these. I think you dont need more jeans. Two raw denims and maybe a black pair of jeans. I don’t talk about trousers! Just jeans! But again, thats just my opinion.


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See these stains? Thats from my Zippo lighter I used to carry in the small pocket!

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