Stockholm Day 3 (Travel Diary)

While I’m writing this, I’m sitting in Stockholm airport and watching planes take off and land. Because its time to fly back to Kopenhagen to enjoy the last couple of days with my sister. Stockholm is really awesome and we had another great day. Finally went to Sneakers n‘ Stuff and found a real nice cafe! Enjoy the last swedish blogpost. Kopenhagen blogpost tomorrow! And thank you for looking through this, checked my google analytics yesterday and was overwhelmed!

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Stockholm Day 2 (Travel Diary)

Felt like we walked a thousand miles today! Went to a little Flea Market and a lot of strolling around. It seems like around every corner there is just much more what you haven’t expected. But let these pictures speak! A bit more Stockholm tomorrow (sunday) and in the evening we will fly back to Kopenhagen.


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Stockholm Day 1 (Travel Diary)

So! I flew to Copenhagen yesterday. Picked up my sister and with a 5 hours train ride I arrived in Stockholm around 0:30am. Went to bed immediately to get some rest, because a long day was waiting for us!
Stood up early to explore the city, and I can already say that Stockholm ist just beautiful. Heard a lot of good stuff before the trip. And its just true. Good food, nice people and a big city with a lot of interesting stuff to explore. Good mixture.
On day 1 (today) we went to a Photography museum. And strolled through the city afterwards. Enjoy some of my impressions of this magnificent city!

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