Late Travel Diary Berlin Day 3

Aaaaaand the last one! Some really nice shots again. And just really chilled shooting through the day. A lot of “undercover” stuff again like I always do. Went to the best Kebap in Wedding and again a lot of walking. Met with Lukas before we went to Tegel for our flight back. Thanks again for checking out the travel diary!

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Late Travel Diary Berlin Day 2

So here is day 2. Rained the whole morning, so we decided to go to some museums. First the Bauhaus Museum and the Mario Testino exhibition afterwards. Funny part? No photos everywhere, even in the house of photography in Berlin (Helmut Newton foundation). I will never get this. They really freak out if you pull out your camera. So just some undercover shots from the iPhone. And dont come with the argument that flash destroys the pictures/paintings or whatever. 1000 flash photos a day is like leaving the museum lights on for another 15 min. The pictures are all over the internet anyway, makes no sense! But yeah, keep going! Enough of the hate. Had some dinner with Leonie and Debby afterwards. First time for me to eat eel, was really nice. Enjoy the pictures!

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When I do these Travel-Diaries I go trough all the pictures I took on that day and edit some of them, save them in low res and post them on here. When I get back from my trip I go trough all of them again and take out the best (imho) to save them in high res. And with the London thing…I did that last week. And I want to share this one with you:

I still remember the situation. We were walking next to the Big Ben (its also on the picture, top right corner). A lot of people! I had my camera near my hip facing the sky. Then we walked past this gentleman. It was a lawyer. And he was talking to a client on the phone. Really loud and really angry as if the people around him weren’t there. With not thinking I pressed the shutter. Once. In deep hope that the focus is on his face. After 20m walking I took the cam. Pressed the play button. And there it was. My favorite shot from the whole London trip.


London Day 5

Huge delay on this one. Sorry! Went to the city again and the Portobello Market. And right after that went home to get prepared for the release party of Brodinski’s new album Brava @XOYO London. Virgil Abloh, Guillaume Berg and Brodinski teared down the club. Walked out like 3am. Got one hour of sleep and hopped on the plane. Just slept when we landed haha. So here is Day5! And I hopefully get some nice pictures from my disposable camera which I took to the club! So enjoy these ones for now! Thanks to everybody checking my London Travel Diary!

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