Marrakech Travel Diary Day 4

So here is Day 4. Went sunbathing after the breakfast. But it was too warm. 40°C yesterday. So we took a Taxi to the Menara. Which is a 50m by 50m kinda pool with jumping fishes in it. The old man in the picture tried to explain what it was exactly but I think I need to google it. Anyway. There is a small tube running water from the Atlas Mountains to the olive tree fields around it.
After that we decided to see the Photography Museum.

You see a lot of pictures of these small streets. These are all in the Medina, the old town. Our Riad (Hotel) is also located in the Medina, which is sometimes like a Labyrinth. But also the perfect place for my undercover shots.
For Dinner we had some nice Couscous with lamb and some kebab. Combined with a nice view, thats the way to end the day. Enjoy these pictures!


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Marrakech Travel Diary Day 3

Phew this one took a while. Wifi isn’t the best down here. Alright. Went to the Jardin Majorelle yesterday. Which was the garden of Yves and Pierre. It was really nice! Can you spot Yves Saint Laurents old door? They wouldn’t let you near his house more then that. Which makes sense I guess. Enjoy these. Thanks for the positive responses from the last post!


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Marrakech Travel Diary Day 2

So here it is! The first „real“ day. Overwhelming! Everything is fast, colorful and hot. So far, Marrakech is one of the most beautiful city’s I’ve ever been to. Just walked through the old Medina and stopped wherever we wanted. Ate lunch for 5€ (two people plus drinks). Bought some linen shirts. And ended the day with a Hamam spa visit. No pictures there thou. But these should serve you just fine:



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