Nike Roshe Run & Nike Air Max 180 OG

As I already told you, I was in Stuttgart. Stuttgart without pickups? Impossible! I initially was on the hunt for some denim or at leas a chino. Found some Acne stuff which was on sale but obviously not in my size. Im too tall. Thats what my 22 years of lifetime thought me. Oh well.

Got some sneakers instead. Can’t complain, haha! Wanted some Roshe Run’s for quite a while now. SneakerB0B posted a nice review some while back. And I just heard good things about the Roshe. And I’m really happy. Great feel and simple CW. I went a size down, because the US11 felt a little bit big. Don’t know the last time I bought a US10, ha! Got them from Suppa by the way!

I also went to Foot Locker. The last few years I`ve been disappointed. But in Cologne I got the Jordan I`s in my size. And now? Air Max 180 vntg. For under 100$. Size 11 was available so I had to pull the trigger. Wanted this for so long. Its not everyones cup. But still one of my favorite shoes. Maybe my grails, who knows right? I’m happy!

Beastin Sping Summer 2013 Snapback

I was in Stuttgart today, and as usual I visited my favorite store Suppa. The brand new Beastin Spring Collection was just released and they already had it in store. But bad luck all T-Shirts in my size were sold out. So I copped this beautiful „Marley“ Snapback. Really nice. But I will wait when the whole collection will arrive online in the Beastin Webshop.

Oh an this waited for me on the stoop. Lets give it a try…

Barbour x Vans

I had school in Stuttgart today. So right after I visited SUPPA with my friend Milton. Then I saw them. And I had to! Vans x Barbour! I slept on them big time! And then SUPPA Stuttgart got them in my size. Pulled the trigger and I’m happy now. Sick quality and the waxed cotton is waterproof. See the drips on the fabric? Nice, huh! Still saving for my Barbour Jacket thou!

Suppa Store Stuttgart (Ger+Eng)


Ich bin eigentlich jede Woche in Stuttgart. Aber seit Eröffnung des Ladens hab ichs erst Samstag geschafft dort mal vorbei zu schauen. Ich hatte auch noch die Hoffnung den Kangaroos x Patta zu bekommen, nachdem ich ihn bei b0b gesehen hatte war ich total angetan. Super cleaner Laden. Hat alles was man braucht und Froggy der Ladenbesitzer hat durch seine langjährige Erfahrung in Sachen Sneakers immer den richtigen Riecher. Von Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Saucony bis eben zu Kangaroos haben Sneaker Fans hier viel Freude. Aber auch in Sachen Bekleidung ist man hier genau richtig. Beastin, Stussy, Herschel oder eben die eigenen Suppa Shirts. Ihr könnt euch voll eindecken. Und ja ich hab den Kangaroos x Patta auch noch bekommen. War sehr überrascht! Komme auf jeden Fall wieder!


I’m in Stuttgart every week. But since the opening I never had the chance to visit it. But saturday was the big day. I even had hope to get the Kangaroos x Patta. Since b0b reviewed them on his blog I really wanted them. Suppa is a really clean store. Really nice guys and the products are on point! From Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Saucony or even Kangaroos, the have everything. And also the latest apparel is available (if not sold out). From Beastin, Stussy, Herschel or their own T-Shirts. Here is the place to be!
Lucky me, I got what I wanted!

Thanks to Froggy and his team! See you soon!