Nike SB Lance Mountain customs

I was really hyped on this when I first heard about it. A sneaker that reveals the real color after wearing it. Sure, nothing new. The Margiela x Converse collabo came out a second time this year, showing its success. But Nike? Really? With the best retro ever? (imho) And transferring a Jordan shoe to Nike SB? Ok, heavy breathing.
So I woke up early on the release date. And with some luck I got my size. Wore them for 2 weeks. Couldn’t skate because of my shoulder injury. So I decided to speed things up. Sandpaper and Aceton. Really like the outcome! What do you think?

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Puma Blaze of Glory x Sneaker Freaker

This was kind of spontaneous. Went drinking with some friends. And I decided to leave early. And drive to stuttgart around 5 am to hit up the Puma release at Suppa sneaker store. Since I have a common size I was really lucky to get my EU44,5. 40 pairs were sold out till 11am. Nice release and nice people. But really really cold! Since the first release 2008 the BOG was my total holy grail. So glad I got one now! Enjoy the pictures.

Nike Roshe Run & Nike Air Max 180 OG

As I already told you, I was in Stuttgart. Stuttgart without pickups? Impossible! I initially was on the hunt for some denim or at leas a chino. Found some Acne stuff which was on sale but obviously not in my size. Im too tall. Thats what my 22 years of lifetime thought me. Oh well.

Got some sneakers instead. Can’t complain, haha! Wanted some Roshe Run’s for quite a while now. SneakerB0B posted a nice review some while back. And I just heard good things about the Roshe. And I’m really happy. Great feel and simple CW. I went a size down, because the US11 felt a little bit big. Don’t know the last time I bought a US10, ha! Got them from Suppa by the way!

I also went to Foot Locker. The last few years I`ve been disappointed. But in Cologne I got the Jordan I`s in my size. And now? Air Max 180 vntg. For under 100$. Size 11 was available so I had to pull the trigger. Wanted this for so long. Its not everyones cup. But still one of my favorite shoes. Maybe my grails, who knows right? I’m happy!

Sneakerb0b (D+ENG)


Heute ein wirklich tolles kleines Päckchen bekommen auf das ich mich schon lange freue. Sticker, ne nette Karte und noch mehr Sticker von B0B.

Sneakerb0b ist einer der bekanntesten Sneaker blogs in Deutschland und das nicht ohne Grund. Als ich noch in meiner „aktiveren“ Sneaker Zeit war hatte mir ein Kollege mal einen Link geschickt. Von B0B eben. Damals noch der ganz alte blog! Hab mir den eingespeichert aber nicht weiter beachtet. Und in irgend einer nacht (Das war dann schon nach einem gründlichen Redesign und ich hatte ein paar Bier) habe ich dann Seite für Seite den kompletten Blog einfach durch gelesen. Und seit dem einfach fast jeden Tag auf seiner Seite.

Sein Schreibstil überzeugt genau so wie seine Bilder. Der geborene Blogger eben! Aber auch Store Reviews von seinen letzten Trips sind äußerst Lesenswert. Und da B0B mehr Gewinnspiele gewonnen hat als du mit deiner gesamten Familie zusammen, verlost er auch richtig oft schönes Zeug um der Welt auch mal was zurück zu geben. Da gibt’s nichts zu motzen würde ich sagen!
Ich leg euch ans Herz mal vorbei zu schauen. Instagram und sowas hat er natürlich auch.

Und weil das dann heute ja ein ganz besonderer Tag ist. Kommt B0B natürlich auch in die „Favorite blog list“. Dann ist es noch einfach auf seinen Blog zu kommen. Natürlich erst wenn ihr hier fertig mit lesen seid, right?! Genau!

Viel Glück wünsch ich ihm natürlich auch bei seinem Neuste Projekt.  Hypedeals heißt das ganze, und zeigt euch wo es gerade irgend was geiles im Bereich Design/Sneakers/Kleidung reduziert gibt. So einfach aber doch so genial!


Received a really nice package today. Some stickers and a nice postcard from B0B.

If you still don’t know. B0B has on of the big big big sneaker blogs here in Germany. When I was in my more active years of sneaker collecting a friend of mine sent me a link from his very first blog. And I saved it in my bookmarks somewhere. After some time is discovered him again. And in one night (and a couple of beers) I read his whole blog. Since this day I check his blog nearly every day!

His way to combine pictures and text is just so chilled to read. A born blogger! But wait there is more! Store reviews for example of the last recent city’s he has been too. B0B is one lucky guy. He won so much that he decided to give the community something back. Nice right? So make sure to check out his blog and everything given below.

To make things easy in the future I’ve added to the favorite blog list. So after reading my bullshit you can go straight to his blog to read the latest news about you favorite sneakers and stuff.

I also wish him big luck for his latest project. Where you can check the most recent sale items of your favorite designers/sneakers.