The Polaroid SX-70

This is in the queue for quite some time! So I found this Polaroid SX-70 at a local flea market for real cheap! Condition is nearly brand new. No-brainer!

I thought I shoot a little video for this one. Enjoy.

The impossible project film is a bit tricky. But I’m still learning!

Polaroid evening

We went to a really nice party on saturday. It was a old nursery which will be demolished in a few weeks. Great people mixed, 2 floors, good food ad good drinks! Really nice! I just had the Polaroid 600 with me. I though It would capture the evening the best. Enjoy.

Polaroid 220

As mentioned before I got a Polaroid 220. I had a FP3000 sitting on my shelf also so I thought I was good to go. But the battery was empty and I lost 2 shots. Had to modify a 4x AAA battery compartment into a 3x AAA battery compartment to get 3,5 V and … it was working. Nice. I love the first results!

This is what the negativ looks like. (obviously inverted)

This a from the wedding day. I was prepared!