Weekend round up

No worries! This site isnt hacked, you should know if you visit this blog daily. Oh you don’t? Daily would be too much. But if you haven’b been here for 2 months you should see a new website and a new logo. The rest is the same. I shortened the name a bit. But you probably don’t mind. Can we proceed with the normal post now? Alright!

Little weekend round up again with the Leica M8. Had some fun at the Skatepark. And visited Milton’s basketball game on Sunday.

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Southside 2015 and a new design

This was my 4th Southside Festival this year. It rained a lot but still always a pleasure! Great line-up. Great people! Have seen Future Islands, Big Sean, Placebo, The Vaccines, KIZ, Die Antwoord, Chet Faker, Deadmau5 and Marteria. Like every year, I took some photos. But this year only with my Leica Mini II. So got the pictures developed yesterday. And finally time to post a few of them. No editing. Raw pictures from a small point and shoot analog camera. Enjoy.

Also, something is different right? Did some major enhancements to the website! Totally new Portofolio. New design. Simpler. Cleaner. Easier. Check it out! There are still some small things I have to work on, but I’m pretty happy with this. Tell me what you think!

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Take you camera everywhere.

It sounds so simple. But if you take your camera everywhere you will get really really nice shots once in a while. Because if the shot is there, you have a camera with you. I always try to take a camera with me. But its not always possible, or sometimes I’m just lazy. But last week when I went to Stuttgart with some friends, I got a big reminder how good things can turn out if you have a camera with you.

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