When I sold my Nikon P5100 I was a little bit sad that I`ve lost my video function. Because as you all know the Nikon D60 is just a normal DSLR without a Hd feature not like the D5000,D3000 or the D300s. 3 fps arent that much, anyways. But when I read that the new Ipod nano features a camera and also a mic I was really suprised. I watched a few unboxing videos and video tests, and i was really impressed. Sure this is not comparable with a normal camcorder but I thought its enough for me. I ordered the Ipod and the mailman made my day today 😉 Its a really nice feature and the quality is amazing for this little device!!! I will post video tests this week, so stay tuned. Radio feature works also just fine. Apple did (again) an amazing job on the new generation.

Enough review^^ ….enjoy

Just a little side note for my sister ( i know she`s reading my blog). Tomorrow is your big day. I wish you all the best!

greetz kobe