I’m not so sure where this story began. Was it Kickstarter? Maybe a blog or anything. But one thing is for sure. I really fell in love!
When I first saw the Berg Little Printer, I was really keen! Immediately added their blog to my RSS reader and followed every step. Because at that time there was still the Pre-Ordering phase. At that time I was pretty petty sure that I will buy one if the production has started. But, oh well, I kinda forgot about it and this little guy was sold out.
But still very keen about this, I told a lot of friends. And on my Birthday back in march…the got me one! Well the money for it. Because the second run would be shipped around July. So now its July right now, and guess what? Its here. Video coming soon.

But right quick:

The little printer connects the digital world to the “old” print world. In your online account you choose from various small API applications what you little printer should print and what time. So from the latest New York Times News to the Bun B Rapper Coloring Book there is a lot to choose from. And all this on some cash slip paper. Great, right? Well, I love it!