Travel Diary Dublin Day 2

Day 2! We went to the Dublin Pier. Which is not so famous but beautiful! Weather was crazy though. So windy and rainy. But we walked the 2km to the lighthouse anyway. View was beautiful and the sun came as we walked back. Felt exhausted. So we got our first Guinness and some Burgers. Went on a little sightseeing route afterwards. Met some Belfast guys. Went to a pub. You probably can imagine what happened after.

Enjoy the pictures!


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Travel Diary Dublin Day 1

This was kinda spontaneous. But Julian and I decided last week to go to Dublin. Found a cheap flight. And here we are. Nice Dublin weather if you say so. That means continuous rain always windy but the mood is good! Arrived in the afternoon. So we went to the city and drank our first beer. So here are some shots from yesterday. More today or tomorrow. Probably.


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Late Travel Diary Berlin Day 2

So here is day 2. Rained the whole morning, so we decided to go to some museums. First the Bauhaus Museum and the Mario Testino exhibition afterwards. Funny part? No photos everywhere, even in the house of photography in Berlin (Helmut Newton foundation). I will never get this. They really freak out if you pull out your camera. So just some undercover shots from the iPhone. And dont come with the argument that flash destroys the pictures/paintings or whatever. 1000 flash photos a day is like leaving the museum lights on for another 15 min. The pictures are all over the internet anyway, makes no sense! But yeah, keep going! Enough of the hate. Had some dinner with Leonie and Debby afterwards. First time for me to eat eel, was really nice. Enjoy the pictures!

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