Under the sky

On thursday I got a pretty nice message. „Hey Tobi, wanna fly with me over lunch?“. Yes you heard it right, fly. My friend Frank is a hobby pilot. And I wanted to fly with a smaller machine my whole life. So on 11:30 I drove to the little airport 3 km away. He already waited there for me. We checked the machine.  Got a little briefing. And we took off. Awesome experience. Because he asked me where we should go. We went to Freiburg, Basel, Waldshut, Konstanz, Friedrichshafen and back. So awesome. Thanks again Frank. Now enjoy the pictures.


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Drake 2014 Oberhausen

So where do I start? Been really really lucky to be with the De La Roca Deejays, Marcel and Andre. They take me everywhere and give me these great opportunities. And I’m really thankful! This time? Drake! You heard it right. They deejayed before the show in Oberhause. And I was able to take photos where ever I wanted. Still stoked. Video is in the making! Enjoy some flicks. Reald deal will be on www.delaroca.com as always!


drake14-153 drake14-143

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