Leipzig/ Dresden 2014 (is 56k warning still a thing?)

On the road again. But this time for some family stuff. But as usual I took the camera with me. Had no time for a daily diary thou. So here is a combined post from friday till monday. Leipzig and Dresden, whenever I had the cam with me. In fact there are not much pictures from Leipzig, only had a couple of hours there, but oh well. Enjoy!

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Under the sky

On thursday I got a pretty nice message. “Hey Tobi, wanna fly with me over lunch?”. Yes you heard it right, fly. My friend Frank is a hobby pilot. And I wanted to fly with a smaller machine my whole life. So on 11:30 I drove to the little airport 3 km away. He already waited there for me. We checked the machine.  Got a little briefing. And we took off. Awesome experience. Because he asked me where we should go. We went to Freiburg, Basel, Waldshut, Konstanz, Friedrichshafen and back. So awesome. Thanks again Frank. Now enjoy the pictures.


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