Basel – From Picasso to Beuys

Tuesday was a holiday in Germany. So why not drive to Basel, right? Wanted to go for so long now and finally did it. To be honest. We just went to the Art Museum, drank a coffee afterwards and walked a lot. But it was that awesome. The permanent collection is incredible there. Jackson Pollock was the temporary collection which was really nice too. From Picasso to Beuys, all you need is in Basel. All shot with my trusty Leica M8 and the Voigtländer 35mm 1.4.

Basel is beautiful.


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Marrakech to Portugal Travel Diary day 8+9

Sorry for the huge delay!! Wanted to enjoy the last two days as much as possible. Also just went to the beach. So here is a combined post!
Really enjoyed ourselves for the last days. Beach. A little driving here and there. And some awesome Bacalhao (Potatoes with fish and onions)!!

Thank you Marrakech! Thank you Portugal! AND THANK YOU! Thanks for another great Travel Diary. See you on the next journey.


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