Leica Minilux

If you follow me on Instagram your probably already know. Some weeks ago the postman dropped this beauty on my doorstep. A Leica Minilux with the built in Summarit 40mm F2.4. I have no exact production date, but its from around 1995. So nearly as old as me and it was a top notch point and shoot camera back in the days. Normally these go for 300+ but I got a really really good price so I couldnt resist.

Today, I got the first roll of film back I shot with this beauty. And was a really cheap asa 400 from the drug store. Still my favorite film. But I will also test it with some Portra!

As you know I love my Leica Mini II point and shoot. But the Minilux is really an upgrade. Here are some sample pictures from different situations. Slow flash, normal flash, low light and sun. I tried to shoot a lot of different situations to get a good glimpse of how capable this little camera is in such situations. Enjoy!


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