Money Boy x GUDG Club CUE Stuttgart 30.01.2016

Concert again? Yup! Money Boy and nearly the whole GUDG family came to Stuttgart to tear it down. Club CUE was packed. Crowd was ready! Turn up!

S/O Mbeezy, Hustensaft Jüngling, Medikamenten Manfred, Spinning 9, The Ji, Timmie Turnup, Young Hoodhustla, Fab Stripes, Young Mokuba, Mena, Taylor Johnson and the whole gang.


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The Hands x Lame im Cafe Limba Dezember 2015

Another concert? Yes! A monday concert to be exact.The Hands from Perpignan and Lame from Torino played their only concert in Germany. Limba was packed and everybody was excited. The show was super super nice. Thanks again for a great concert!

I thought it would be nice if I take my camera with me. And indeed, it was. Enjoy the shots:


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