Im still not a fan of “Hey I do a post about my best picture/video of 2016” etc. Its to difficult. I wanted to do a showreel video of my 2016 footage but since I havent finished my Marrakech/Portugal video yet (yeah there will be something) I thought I shouldn’t start one either. Had a lot of work to do. And got sick over NYE. Happy New Year everybody.

But I hate when the posts are lackin. So some random pictures from the last two weeks!

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Plattenbörse Villingen-Schwenningen 2016

Vinyl digging or records in general is a big interest of mine for a long time now. When I see a box of old records on a flea market or anywhere I probably go through. Since we have a really awesome record store in our town (Always worth a visit) I normally get what I want there. And every year they organise a big big vinyl fair. Today was the day. Enjoy some shots from my trusty Leica.


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