Marrakech to Portugal Travel Diary day 1

Its this time of the year again! And yes, Marrakech again. But not only Marrakech. We will fly to Portugal in a few days. So stay tuned!

Here is day one. Hit our favorite spots. And found the real real plug for Moroccan interior. Crazy place. Totally different stuff then their selling in the streets. The real stuff. Can somebody lend me some money? Thanks in advance. I need around 25k.


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Hamburg Travel Diary (All days)

Spent the weekend in Hamburg with my sister. Last time I was in Hamburg was like 10 years ago. Crazy how this city moved. Since my trip was more work related I hadn’t too much time to take some photos. So here are the best ones I took in three days. Just walked a ton after work to see as much Hamburg as possible! Enjoy!


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