A visit to the Rothaus Brewery

For my birthday on sunday I thought a visit to the Rothaus brewery near Bonndorf would be the perfect getaway for some hours. And it was! Did a little tour around the whole brewery. Some tasting afterwards!
Lovely black forest sculpture by Stefan Strumbel outside the brewery which he finished last year! Enjoy!

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Antwerpen Travel Diary Day 2

Solid 10km of walking on Day 2. Rainy tho. But who cares, right? Went to a little Banksy exhibition wich was curated by Steve Lazarides. Which was ok, but kinda meh for 20€ entry! It kinda felt wrong because Banksy didn’t agreed to show these old prints he gave to Steve for 25GBP each. It was a money making machine in the name of Banksy, for Steve. Cheap Truckercaps in the little merchandise store and stuff. But some unseen stuff which I liked.

Went to the Frites Atelier afterwards. Unreal stuff. They are pretty new in Antwerp, but the Amsterdam store is well known. The truffle mayonnaise is pure gold. Couple of beers afterwards at the infamous “Den Engel”. Which is like a little time capsule inside the city centre.


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Antwerpen Travel Diary Day 1

Here we go again. This time, I’m posting this after the vacation. Forgot the Macbook tbh. But also it was kinda nice to just shoot pictures the whole day and dont have to edit and post them right away.

But here we are. Had an awesome time!
Day 2 will be up tomorrow evening. Stay tuned!


Arrived on Sunday morning. Went straight from the hotel to the flea market. Strolled through the city. Had some “All you can eat” Ribs at Amadeus which was incredible. Ate 4 racks. Regrets came later.

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