15 minuten ruhm 4

A short preview from yesterday! 15 minuten ruhm with their 4th event. Again really nice evening. I showed my Skatecontest Video and the Southside Video. I hope everyone enjoyed it as I did.

The rest in a couple of hours on Dreiein Halbtürme Klangkollektiv.


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15 minuten ruhm 3

Like I said. Every first tuesday of the month. Great session again. And, I showed all of my three ‘Feels like one day’ videos. Great feeling to see some reactions of the crowd while standing next to them. Wait did he said three videos? Yes. Milano is out now. Check it here. Seperate post will follow.

Some pictures I took. The rest of Marcos and my pics agin here in a bit.


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15 minuten ruhm take 2

So as I explained a few weeks ago in this post, the second “15 minuten ruhm” took place again at the Jugendhaus in Villingen. Here is a short little preview. The rest will be again on Dreiein Halbtürme Klangkollektiv facebook page in a few hours!

Thanks for my buddy Marco for some additional shots! You just cant be everywhere!

PS: I know I know, I’m lacking again with the posts lately! But its just too busy right now. But there are some rumors, that there will be another travel diary real soon!


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