And the last part is here! I think these were the last three days! We visited Syrakus which had so much to offer one day was not enough. The historical part Ortygia alone was so awesome to stroll around. Tried to see the Greek Theatre but it was already closed!
Nonetheless a interesting experience and some more walking then on the beach days.

I marked the other two days when they begin:


Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco:

The next day, just around the Airbnb:

Sicilia has a trash problem. And nobody seems to care.

Somebody know what kind of plant/tree this is?

The last day. The last Italian breakfast.

A lot of people ask about the “secret shots”. This is how its going down. I walk past by what I think could be interesting. Camera in my hand and just pressing the shutter when I feel like it. (This took me more then 10 years to figure out. And every new camera is different!).

First shot. Focus on me, this was to early:

Second shot. Focus directly on his hand. I like the mirror action. Nice picture.

Third shot. Focus on him. This looks better in bw. See me in the background? I lean forward to see the display. Minding my own business. If you act like you take a secret photo, everybody will know.