Tom Sachs // Schauwerk Sindelfingen

On our way back we drove past Stuttgart. Since Tom Sachs’s show started this Sunday in Sindelfingen we thought why not visit it. And yes he also was there to held the infamous tea ceremony. Also had time to take some photos and sign some mars yard shoes. Thanks again for you time! I love his philosophy and been inspired by his work for years now. Awesome show.

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A little bit Bauhaus in Villingen

Some while ago I bought a cheap book about “current buildings in Villingen”. The book is from1975 and shows a very clean architecture which the urban planners of this time pretty much seeked and also accomplished.
You can see a lot of Bauhaus influence. Also the five points of new architecture from le corbusier is seen in the first spot we visited which is a elementary school.

Thanks to @mvnu for coming with me. Hes currently studying architecture so he gave me a lot of insights I didnt know.

Also checked out the local fire department. Also the pictures to compare it with. I might do the whole book.

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