Record Store Day 2016 Villingen

Record Store Day really showed the world how important Vinyl still is and how important it will be in the future!

And the event itself is just incredible. Everybody sticks together. 228 Vinyl Stores in Germany participated. The exact number of Vinyl Stores worldwide isnt really countable since a lot of stores just participated unofficially. But thats just awesome too.

So this year a few friends of mine had their first gig with a band called “Zombies in Tutus“. Great Vibes there!

See you next year at Soundservice in Villingen.

Enjoy these pictures I took with my Leica M8:



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15 minuten ruhm

So yesterday I went to a new event series called “15 minuten ruhm”. Every tuesday first of the month, you have the chance to get up on stage and perform whatever you want. Just write your name on the list when you enter the venue. And you’ll have 15 minutes of performing later in the evening. Awesome idea. Here are some preview shots!
The rest of my pictures can be found on here click me

See you next Tuesday 3.5.16 @ Scheuer k3 in Villingen


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Damn – I Love This Trick // 5 // Lukas// Spring Special

Spring special. Next Videos will be skate again. Lukas shows us his favorite trick at the Snowpark Feldberg/Schwarzwald. Click “Continue Reading” for some behind the scenes pictures!

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