Travel Diary Dublin Day 2

Day 2! We went to the Dublin Pier. Which is not so famous but beautiful! Weather was crazy though. So windy and rainy. But we walked the 2km to the lighthouse anyway. View was beautiful and the sun came as we walked back. Felt exhausted. So we got our first Guinness and some Burgers. Went on a little sightseeing route afterwards. Met some Belfast guys. Went to a pub. You probably can imagine what happened after.

Enjoy the pictures!


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Travel Diary Dublin Day 1

This was kinda spontaneous. But Julian and I decided last week to go to Dublin. Found a cheap flight. And here we are. Nice Dublin weather if you say so. That means continuous rain always windy but the mood is good! Arrived in the afternoon. So we went to the city and drank our first beer. So here are some shots from yesterday. More today or tomorrow. Probably.


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Money Boy x GUDG Club CUE Stuttgart 30.01.2016

Concert again? Yup! Money Boy and nearly the whole GUDG family came to Stuttgart to tear it down. Club CUE was packed. Crowd was ready! Turn up!

S/O Mbeezy, Hustensaft Jüngling, Medikamenten Manfred, Spinning 9, The Ji, Timmie Turnup, Young Hoodhustla, Fab Stripes, Young Mokuba, Mena, Taylor Johnson and the whole gang.


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LGoony x Crack Ignaz Stuttgart Schräglage 28.01.2016

Some shots from yesterday. These guys have a huge output lately. Make sure to check their tapes. Hadn’t the chance to see these guys last year. But finally got them in front of my camera. Shit was lit yesterday! Let them pictures speak!


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