Came back from the little vacation. I met dennis and his girlfriend, good to see him again. I thought i could cop the 11/12 cdp but i missed it, bad luck….

Still no internet access at home, still blogging from the internet cafè. Hopefully next week.

Jack helped me with my “photobox” and today i bought everything to get it done. Thx again. I will post the first results tomorrow.


Still no internet access. Managed to blog from an internet cafè. Im completly in the new apartment now, here some quick flicks. Heading to Karlsruhe tonight to visit some family. Photos tomorrow!


Pretty chilled today, printed a few pics from the last photoshooting. Will upload some flicks this week.

Thx to Jack and Karl for the love. Really enjoy your blogs and i really appreciate that you both put my link in your list. THX !

Oh and Happy New Year to all of you ( i know im late …)


Movin away

So tomorrow is the day, here a pic of the note in my Moleskin. Damn i hate moving. But my new apartment will be bigger and thats a good point. Problem is that i cant be on till friday ( thx telekom germany) so this is my 2nd post and i cant post till friday :/.

First blog

Where do i start,

this is my first blog and i did it because i really enjoy blogs these days. So i thought i will do one on my own.
I will post a lot of random pictures of my photography and sneakers. So i hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask me about anything i post. And make sure to visit my myspace: