Pretty chilled today, printed a few pics from the last photoshooting. Will upload some flicks this week.

Thx to Jack and Karl for the love. Really enjoy your blogs and i really appreciate that you both put my link in your list. THX !

Oh and Happy New Year to all of you ( i know im late …)


Movin away

So tomorrow is the day, here a pic of the note in my Moleskin. Damn i hate moving. But my new apartment will be bigger and thats a good point. Problem is that i cant be on till friday ( thx telekom germany) so this is my 2nd post and i cant post till friday :/.

First blog

Where do i start,

this is my first blog and i did it because i really enjoy blogs these days. So i thought i will do one on my own.
I will post a lot of random pictures of my photography and sneakers. So i hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask me about anything i post. And make sure to visit my myspace: