Hopefully i will have internet access again, tomorrow. A guy from telekom told me that.
Today was pretty boring too, just visited some friends, and I copped these AF1. Im not so much into AF1 but i liked the fact that these are the Air Max Infrared AF1. Here some quick flicks, enjoy.

So I tested out my new “photobox”. Its not finished yet but im happy with the first results, i maybe buy another lamp, should bring better results.
And my new cellphone came yesterday. First blackberry I ever bought, but im pretty stoked so far.


Came back from the little vacation. I met dennis and his girlfriend, good to see him again. I thought i could cop the 11/12 cdp but i missed it, bad luck….

Still no internet access at home, still blogging from the internet cafè. Hopefully next week.

Jack helped me with my “photobox” and today i bought everything to get it done. Thx again. I will post the first results tomorrow.


Still no internet access. Managed to blog from an internet cafè. Im completly in the new apartment now, here some quick flicks. Heading to Karlsruhe tonight to visit some family. Photos tomorrow!