Today i stopped at the furniture shop, bought a few accessoires for my new room. And a WDYWT pic.New Era x H&M x lrg x adidas zx500


So today some guy came up, and fixed my internet. Im on now from my apartment, wow….took 2 weeks for the german telekom, great job guys.

Nothing special at all. But here is a picture i took this summer, enjoy.


Hopefully i will have internet access again, tomorrow. A guy from telekom told me that.
Today was pretty boring too, just visited some friends, and I copped these AF1. Im not so much into AF1 but i liked the fact that these are the Air Max Infrared AF1. Here some quick flicks, enjoy.

So I tested out my new “photobox”. Its not finished yet but im happy with the first results, i maybe buy another lamp, should bring better results.
And my new cellphone came yesterday. First blackberry I ever bought, but im pretty stoked so far.