My grails…

…have seen better times. These arrived today. Og Air Jordan V Grape`s. Just for my bookshelf. Price was just to right so i pulled the trigger. 3,50 € is not bad 😛


I worked today. Chilled with my friend. Here a quick flick what we wore today. bene with the cool greys and me with the dunks.


Nothing special last few days :/ . Tried this litlle programm from polaroid. Turns your normal picture into a digital poloroid. Here with a WDYWT pic. New Era x Nike / Dave White x Levis x Nike Air Max 1


So i went to the city today, to pickup a case for my sd cards. And i found a really good one ( i thought so). When i was back home, i slightly recognized that the holes for the sd cards are way too small. Failed. I return it tomorrow or i maybe customize it. great….